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Will AMD Phenom II X2 550 work on a M2N-E Mobo?

I am currently using a 5400 BE OC'ed to 3.2Ghz stable, but want to upgrade due to a bottleneck.

My choices are

Phenom 9500 2.2Ghz, (but figured out its not that great a buy)


AMD Phenom II X2 550

The second option supposedly will work better for gaming, + I could OC it to 3.8 ish Ghz. It also has a significantly higher cache. For gaming (which want) it is obviously the better choice.

On the Asus website it does not show it, but I hear of people saying that it works. ( I will update my BIOS to newest version)

Problem, I live outside of country (middle east), and will buy in NL, but I need to be sure that it is going to work before I buy it.

also, I NEED to be able to OC. it is a MUST.

also, if phenom 9500 is better tell me, but from what i've heard its not as great for gaming to to low core clock.

any help would be appreciated


otherwise any advice on other cpu for this mobo that would help increase performance within 100 euro (no more unfortunately thats the budget)
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  1. anybody?
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    It looks like your motherboard has an AM2 socket. The X2 550 is an AM3 socket, requiring an AM2+ or AM3 motherboard.
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