Recommendation for clocks & voltage?

hoping i could get some recommendations or fine tuning tips for clocks & voltage to be using with these specs:

650w PSU
AsRock 770DE [NB @ 2.2GHz 1.2v]
AMD 955BE [using K10STAT: 808MHz .975v, 3.2GHz 1.25v, 3.6GHz 1.4v]
DDR3 Patriot Sector 5 1600 [808MHz 1.65v, timings 8-8-8-24 row cycle 32] *AMD OverDrive shows 1.8v for some reason
Radeon 4890 1GB PCIe x16
Antec 300 Illusion case [2 front & 1 side 120mm intake fans, top 140mm & back 120mm outtake fans, all set on high]
Win7 x64

all settings set in BIOS except custom K10STAT. Cool & Quiet and Quiet Fan disabled. temps idling: 33-36C, stressed: 55-60C. usually get a BSOD error that system is preventing hardware damage right passed 60C. guessing this is a heat problem. @ 3.4GHz 1.275v BSOD usually doesn't occur, still rarely though. @ 3.2GHz 1.25v it runs fine. just got and reapplied Artic Silver Ceramique with the stock heatsink last night so waiting for burn in time. had been using an old cheap aftermarket heatsink and was getting exact same temps and BSOD, it just reached them faster with the old aftermarket one.
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  1. guess bake in time is done. AS doesn't BS about temp drops. last time I used plain Arctic Silver it dropped about 5C in idle and stressed. now with AS Ceramique after bout 40 hrs bake in time I'm idling from 31-35C, stressed (using OverDrive) 38-48C! so far, so good. now we'll see if I can get back to a stable 3.636GHz...
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