HELP! New LCD monitor 2493HM vs 245T

Hi everyone!

I've posted here before, and been helped so I know this is the place for my new issue haha.

Looking to updrade my LCD monitor from a 22 to a 24 inch.

I've narrowed it down to a few options which I have found locally, used, and cheap!

I can grab a Samsung 2493HM for around $260 CAD or Samsung 245T for $280!

Now I am familiar with the differences, and I realize even now the 245T retails for over 500 dollars...

But i've read alot about input lag in this monitor, and there are some horror stories out there!

I am particular about how my games look and feel, I dont game professionally, but I mean after a few hundred dollars (monitor plus videocard) I feel that it should respond as well as it looks!!

So advice, with price being almost the same... for regular use, and recreational gaming will the 245t cut it? or should I play it safe... get a TN 2493 and save like 20-30 bucks! haha

(also the samsung T240 was an option at $240, but the guy has not responded in days... haha)

Thanks guys!

Later :p
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  1. nvm

    went with a 2693hm.... its huge!
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