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What happens if SSD runs out of room???

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January 23, 2011 10:08:46 PM

This might be a dumb question but, I was going to get 2x1tb Caviar blacks sata 3, to add to my current 1tb caviar black sata 3.

I have thought about getting an ssd, and was going to get the Crucial sata 3 64gb, but now I am considering the
Intel X25-V SSD 40gb!

If I were to get a second Caviar Black and a 40-64gb SSD, I would put Windows 7 64bit on the SSD.

So if I put Windows and all its programs on this SSD, what would happen when I run out room???

Would I just format one of my two Caviar Blacks to Fat32 format for a secondary Main Drive???

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January 24, 2011 3:32:57 AM

Actually the Crucial C300-CTFDDAA064MAG is the 2nd fastest Drive as far as public drives go.

So I might as well have the fastest drive for windows and my main programs.

I know my 890FXA-UD5 is fully capable of everything, trim and sata 3, so I can't wait to order.

I will just get one Caviar Black and one Crucial C300-CTFDDAA064MAG, and then a 2x4gb RipJaw X 1333 CasLat=7!!!!!

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January 24, 2011 5:24:31 AM

Salt-City_Slasher said:
So if I put Windows and all its programs on this SSD, what would happen when I run out room???
Nothing bad will happen to the SSD itself. TRIM doesn't work as effectively with a full drive, but it won't keep the drive from working normally - it may just not perform as well.

Windows, on the other hand, probably won't like it. The system could conceivably hang. As the drive fills up you'd probably want to start installing any new applications on the hard drive instead of the SSD. If space on the SSD gets to a critical level, you'd probably want to uninstall some of your existing applications from the SSD and reinstall them on the hard drive.

This is assuming that you've already exhausted your opportunities to save space on the system drive (such as moving the pagefile, minimizing restore points, emptying the recycle bin, etc.)
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January 24, 2011 6:33:40 AM

What I would like to do is put windows 64 bit ultimate on 16gb, and then add some of my major programs that I use a lot, so maybe use like 30gb for programs, thats like 15+ major programs and this is all I would want on it.

I would want to put everything else on one of the Caviar Blacks, and use the Caviar to do all my installing for the rest of the things that would go to the C drive, ie all downloads, documents and just everything else.

So pretty much I would like to get only what I want on the SSD, and then to use the Caviar as my main drive and have nothing else on the SSD.

So I assume if I format it correctly, this should be very easily done.

Then I would use my 2nd Caviar to have Norton save its back ups, do my own back ups, and store all my videos, music, comics, books, and documents. Then I would use my external 500gb for what ever!
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January 24, 2011 12:28:31 PM

It will create a black hole, and suck everyone in.

January 24, 2011 12:57:43 PM

I guess I asked it like it would start an implosion or something.

I figured my gameplan so whenever I wake up I am going to order.

I have 1600 CL7 2x2gb, I am going to buy a second set on account it cost 160$ to get 2x4gb of the same thing.
I assume I wouldn't need more than 8gb, even though I do a lot of converting and burning and like watching 34 windows when I watch porn, and lastly when I watch all Jersey Shore's all at the same time all in sync.

Then as long as I don't cross streams with my proton packs, I shouldn't have any problems with the SSD and 2xWD 1tb Sata3!
I am sure I will have plenty of room, even if I take all my video and put it into H.264, or what we in biz call MP4.

I am also going to get some fans to fill the rest the case out, then if I can find that dang Cm 692 advanced side panel I would get that also!

So this should be my first upgrade since my build, I am hoping that code named Bull Dozer fits on my AM3 board when I do my 2nd upgrade!!!

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January 24, 2011 3:44:00 PM

You can install Windows in 16GB, but you'll have precious little room for anything else. And 16GB SSDs aren't typically very good performers. If I were you I'd wait and save up for a 40GB or larger drive with a good controller.
January 24, 2011 5:42:56 PM

I figured with the 64gb sata 3 from crucial, it would be formatted into roughly 60gb, and take 20gb for windows and its drivers/updates. Leaving me 40gb to install the rest of the drivers and run other updates.

After this I figure I have at least 20gb to add a few selected programs and would try and keep at least 10gb+ to not crowd the drive and lower its performance.

I mainly want it for Windows 7 64bit Ult. and for its super boot time.

I am not sure how much performance I will see in my system, but I figured that everything is ran by windows and if windows was being power housed by the 2nd fastest drive, well than everything would run faster than normal.
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January 24, 2011 9:58:27 PM

That all sounds reasonable, assuming that your applications really do fit into 40GB. Just don't try to create a 20GB partition for Windows - use a single big partition for everything. There's no advantage to partitioning an SSD, and the downside is that you can paint yourself into a corner if one partition gets full while the other one has lots of free space.

You can expect the system to boot and start up programs much faster - but once programs have been loaded into RAM they typically won't run any faster unless they do a lot of disk I/O to the system drive. But you will notice that certain background tasks like virus scans of the system drive won't cause anywhere near the same amount of slowdown as they would with a hard drive.
January 25, 2011 3:45:32 AM

I am about to order all my parts need advice by midnightish:

my build:
UD5 w/matching 5770
Gskill 1600 cas7
Caviar black 1tb sata3
CM 692 advanced
Asus DVD Burner
Windows 7 64ultimate

I can spend roughly around 400$ish, and I want to get a 2nd set of the same gskill 1600 cas7 which equals 65$
so I have more like 335$ish.

I want more performance and storage.

I don't know what will improve if I buy a 2nd 5770, I don't really play games right now while i am in school.

So the 64gb SSD along with a 2nd Caviar 1tb has been in mind, along with some fans and maybe a fan controller.

Crucial SSD=130

I can probably get away with getting them all, ssd, 5770, caviar, and memory.

But what would you get to crank up the power on the build above!
January 25, 2011 3:46:44 AM

My bad
2x Acer 23" H233H
Logi m705 w/mk700
phillips 2.1
500gb external wd drive
January 25, 2011 3:48:54 AM

I forgot one really cool idea, instead of video card get the Crucial 128gb SSD, memory and Caviar black! This is probably the best idea!