Can someone please rate my AMD setup

Hey everyone,

I am trying to make a computer for my whole family. I like to do some minor gaming with steam and everybody else just uses the computer for a lot of web surfing( many browsers and tabs), heavy usage of word and excel(3 pages of each)at a time, so i need a powerful computer and a very stable comp.

here's what i want to get

1066 DDR2 RAM 16 gigs max
AM2+/AM2 support Phenom II and Athlons and Phenom
780G w/ HD 3200
has HDMI
$85 Kuma 2.7 GHz BE

OCZ PC6400 (800)

APEX case w/ 300 watt psu

if u guys could make any suggestions it would be appreciated, and preferably under $225 dollars

Thanks in advance to any repliers
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  1. CPU?

    and get a PS3 and run linux on it by what you're doing.
  2. what do u mean Helloworld?

    the CPU is the Kuma BE Athlonx2 7750 2.7 Ghz
  3. ^ well for what your uses are a PS3 would be a better choice, but you'll need to download/get the specialized linux for it.
  4. well I already have a wii for that kind of gaming so I don't want to get a PS3 since they are pretty expensive and i have a blu ray so I can just use the PS3 for gaming and i have a wii for that.

    So if u have any other suggestions please post them

  5. What he means is get linux ON a PS3. If you do that it can work just like a computer.
  6. ^ exactly, and the PS3 will last for another 5 years (apparently) so you aren't losing any support for it.
  7. I see ur point. But I would like a desktop, for under $225, and i need something that can be easily upgraded.

    So please recommend a normal desktop setup

  8. If you can afford the extra $15, this board's IGP would be much more powerful with it's sideport memory.
  9. Thanks smithereen, but can it run Phenom II?

    I saw the overview and it said that it is AM3 ready and the feedback said it could support Phenom II, but the specs don't say that so.... who's right?

    Thanks again
  10. You're better off with this ASRock board instead. It's a good board and the ACC will help you overclock that Kuma a little more.

    ASRock A780GMH/128M $71.99

    The only thing I have against it is the lack of a backplate (I liked the previous A780FullHD better), so if you want to put in a good aftermarket cooler later on be sure to get one with a backplate. You may also want to consider the GXE model for while it does not have ACC it does have CF support (though I guess you won't use that if you just stick with the onboard graphics ^_^) and the standard cheap plastic backplate to help support a decent cooler.

    ASRock A780GXE/128M $79.99
  11. As far as I know, ever AM2+ board runs Phenom II. That one certainly does.
  12. Thanks guys,

    What's ACC?
    And waht is the backplate for? like to make it sturdy?
  13. ACC - automatic clock calibration.

    basically it takes your CPU to it's max potential, hence why the 7xx series could have their cores unlocked.
  14. Does it help in OCing? Or does it make OCing more easier and stable

    And can you still OC w/out it?
  15. it just makes it easier but not necessarily more stable.

    and yes you can OC without it but it won't OC as well as it only comes on the SB750 which is the best oc'ing SB.
  16. Thanks

    one more question

    The APEX case comes with a psu for ATX mobos but is it compatible with a mATX mobo?
  17. yes, unless the mobo is 8pin and the psu is 4pin.
  18. [...] 0010017AMD

    The AMD Kuma BE 7750 2.7 Ghz [...] CatId=4421

    APEX case w/ a 300 watt PSU

    and the OCZ 2 gig RAM 800mhz

    total: $217.90

    This is the final setup, so is this good for minor gaming and heavy usage of MS office and future expandibility and upgrading?
  19. no, yes, no and no.
  20. why not?
    what parts should be replaced?
  21. I think you're good to go. You could get a 790GX motherboard for the more powerful IGP and the SB750 southbridge, but that would be about $20 more. You could also get the most powerful discrite GPU you can afford, but that would require increasing your budget as well.
  22. thanks smithereen, i guess this will be the computer i will be making

    Thanks again.
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