What would be an appropriate Wattage for this PC?

Hello, I am curious as to the exact wattage I will need for my system.

Below are the specifications:

i7-3770k OC @ 4.5Ghz

Corsair H80 liquid Cpu cooler (2) 120mm Fans

Asus Sabertooth z77 mobo

Corsair Vengeance ram 16gb @ 1866Mhz

(2)Evga GTX 670 FTW edition

1tb WD black caviar HDD (no SSD)

(2) 100mm fans, (1) 200mm led fan

(2) logisys 12" Red led Lights

DvD/RW disk drive

Corsair TX850 PSU (This was in my previous build, just curious to see if i need more Wattage)

That is the complete setup, I have used wattage calculators and I have gotten (700W) on average. I just wanted expert advice or opinions on this to make sure this build goes smoothly as planned. I am on a $300 budget and would like to know if i need a new PSU, or that i should just use the one i already have currently.

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    i would be surprised if that system went over 550 watts. a 650 watt PSU is enough to run a 670 FTW SLI set up and adding an over estimated 15 watt a fan x5 for 75 watts more and 1.5 watts for each light @ 3 watts more i could see a recommended PSU @ 700 watts so the TX850 will cover that fine.
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