AMD X3 720 - Final Build Review

Here is the final build. Any thoughts?

Only two things I need is some suggestions on a good CPU heatsink/fan that will fit the AMD X3 720 and fit within the Antec 300 case. Also, the the BioStar motherboard I'm going with has has a lot of feedback issues with having no MOFSET coolers. Is that something you can buy as a heatsink? One feedback post on newegg said he got a MOFSET cooler, but it heated up so much that the board shut down due to heat. Any comments on that? Thanks
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  1. Your choices look ok to me. I would spend a bit more and get a different motherboard. The reviews aren't bad but many are better.
    If you want a combo deal there are other sights that have good ones as well as Newegg.
  2. Main reason for that motherboard is the ACC feature. Want to try and unlock the 4th core.
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