"custom" picked parts vs Swiftech Edge kit... case mods...

Well I made a topic on the Edge kit yesterday, and I really like it so I might buy it, but I want to explore one other option first.

Mainly, I don't like the idea of mounting the rad outside my case. It's not terrible but I would need to use the "rad box" and also it will interfere a little with my wires, particularily my headphone wire which sticks out pretty far (I have to use the 5 to 2.5mm jack adapter) and also of course it would be a little quieter to have it all internal.

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure by removing my HDD cages I will have the room for a 220 rad in the front of my case (did some mock up measurements last night). Only problem with the Edge rad is that it has the resevoir top and the pump on the bottom, so it's just not going to line up. It'll at the least leave a space at the top and if I'm lucky I will be able to put the DVD drive on the bottom most slot (the rad is around 13" top to bottom).

Ok, so instead I could use the Swiftech MCR220 QP rad, so no res on top and also slightly smaller on the bottom side. This should allow an easier install and allow the fans to "line up" how they are now.

Edge kit:
MCP35X pump
220 rad with res, pump attached on bottom
Apogee XTL block
clear tube
Hydrx (I think)
1/2 in barbs
2 fans
Total: $210

Custom parts:
MCP35X pump
MCR220 QP rad
Apogee XT block
Swiftech micro res rev 2
1/2 in barbs (x4)
blue UV tubing
Total: $265
EDIT: I could save $20 with the MCP655 or $30 with the MCP355, but the PWM control of the 35X seems pretty awesome.

For fans I would first try reusing the Antec fans that come with my 900 II case. I do have 1 internal fan that I might attach in pull, although curently it's used to blow air at my GPUs.

I like that the custom parts offer a more versatile set up. I was thinking maybe putting the res on the back of the case for easy filling, but that's just a thought right now (might not like the extra tubing...). Alternatively I might get the pump top res.

For reference, this is the front of my case... ideally the fans could be in pretty much the same spot with the rad behind them.
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  2. That video is very interesting. Unfortunately my GPU coolers stick out too far to do that with the pump and res... certainly puts the size of everything into perspective though.
  3. Hey just to toss you another question... lol... for rad fans, the static pressure is most important correct?
  4. Right, that video showed the D5/MCP655 pump...but you are getting the MCP35x which is much smaller.

    Static pressure vs. CFM...both are important, but pressure basically gives you an idea of how 'strong' the fans are under load...i.e. with something to actually blow against, vs. running in empty space. CFM is a best case scenario where the fans are expected to move X amount of air in open space...which really never happens anyway since they are mounted in a case or on a radiator which both limit their capabilities. Static pressure is kind of like 'torque' for a fan...under load, how much 'oomph' does it have?
  5. Ok, I swear this is my last post on it lol!

    I finally made my decisions...

    Swiftech 220 Edge kit
    blue UV tubing (and a UV light)

    CoolMaster R4 "sickle flow" fans for my case (3x)
    Silverstone Air Penetrator fan to blow right on my GPUs
    Scythe Kaze Master fan controller

    This is Phase 1 upgrade. It'll be a while but Phase 2 will be a new case (maybe late this year) and Phase 3 will be new GPU and WC loop for it (when 28nm GPUs come out).

  6. Don't need to run another loop...just add the GPU in when the time comes.
  7. Well, yeah I meant add the GPU block, and a new rad :)
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  9. Nice. I think you have a good start on that loop.
  10. Thanks for the help rubix. I'm just hoping I can really quiet down the whole computer with these new fans plus the controller. I don't mind a little louder when gaming, but otherwise I want it to be silent :D

    I might have chose different case fans, but I also wanted to stick with the blue antec theme lol so hopefully these CM R4's are good...
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