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so my son destroyed his laptop...he got a virus and i think the best solution would be to just replace the HDD. I cannot get safemode to come up and a regular boot gives me a blue screen saying something is messed up.

when putting in my dell service tag, this is the info on the hdd:
1 XD923 Module, Hard Drive, 40GB, 5.4K Small Form Factor, Moraga Plus B130

i have never taken a laptop apart before and will attempt to replace the hdd with:

my question is will this new hard drive fit? are the connectors going to be compatible?

thanks for any help.
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    No need to replace the hard drive if the issue is a virus (help me out, other members: is there a virus that can damage the hardware?). If the laptop came with recovery media (a CD or DVD), and you are willing to lose all the data that was on your son's machine, just install a fresh OS off the media and then run Windows Update to catch up.

    To answer your question: The Moraga Plus (?!?) is a small-form-factor SATA drive. If they consider 2.5" small-form-factor, new drive will fit. If the old drive is 1.5", no it won't. I don't see full specs on said Dell drive, which doesn't surprise me.

    Edit: Ignore my second comment. I found a Moraga Plus as an EIDE drive here: . So I can't tell you if it would work or not; you need the same kind of drive, and I can't tell what kind you have. Sorry.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I found a solution that worked...

    press: Ctrll+F11 and follow the prompts and it will reset the HD to the initial settings. computer is working now. This only works for Dell computers using Windows XP...for Windows 7 you just hit F8.

    Thanks for the reply
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