X-Fi Titanium Installing problem need help.

Hello everyone, my problem is simple and looks easy but I can't figure it out. I plugged my x-fi to correct slot, started xp and there is nothing, no new hardware wizard, no auto-detection. When I tried to install product, I face with "setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system. Please ensure that your product is properly installed before running this setup program setup will exit " error

I tried everything erased onboard drivers, disabled it, then activated but nothing changed. The card is warm with the current from motherboard I suppose and the led at the back is lighting. It never shows up on device manager, or somewhere else please help.

windows xp sp2 motherboard is msi k9vgm-v
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  1. Try multiple slots. Is the card in the correct slot? PCIe or PCI. Does the card need power?
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