Upgrading to a RAID 0

Hi, I have a few questions, and I was hoping that the community here could help.

I currently have a 100GB SSD drive as my main drive (separate 1TB for file storage and 2 TB backup/external) and I'm finding that the 100GB isn't enough, it has filled up pretty quickly with applications. I was wondering if I could get another 100GB drive and set it up with the original in a RAID 0 without having to reinstall everything. I'm currently using the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 mobo.

Also wondering if the two drives had to be exactly the same (brand, line, etc) or just the same size.
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  1. RAID 0 is a bad idea. Lose either drive, and you've lost everything.

    This forum is FILLED with RAID 0 data loss issues.

    I would either look at what can be moved from the SSD you have or buy a larger SSD - many come with cloning software so the migration is painless.

    Hopefully you are on Windows 7 so that you have TRIM command support?

  2. What Network&c said. If you are doing frequent backups of your system drive, it may be worth the risk. But in RAID0 you will lose TRIM support, as Net&c said, so your performance goes kerflui.

    A thought: Some software always installs itself in "/program files". Some software is really, really thoughtful and asks where you want to install it. Put in a second SSD and re-install all of the thoughtful software on the new drive letter?
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