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Hello, I have recently replaced my mother board on my computer system. It now also has two SATA 1TB drives installed on it. I loaded Windows XP 64 on the new drive and had to slipstream the sata drivers onto a disk in order to get windows to install on the new drive. My second drive has Windows 7 installed on it, it was the main hard drive BEFORE I replaced the mainboard and now the system will not boot from this drive because it needs the proper SATA drivers ... is there a way for me to insert the SATA drivers onto this drive without reloading windows so I don't have to worry about losing any of my data?
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  1. My ten cents: Unless you replaced the motherboard with another of the same model (in which case you wouldn't be asking the question) this is not a good idea. Windows installation puts in things that are specific to the chipset and other little doohickies on the motherboard. You're in a sort of Catch-22 trying to work around it after the fact.

    Even before the fact it takes a great deal of experience to be able to guarantee that the same install of Win(X) will boot on a new motherboard. Note that I wrote "guarantee," many people try and a good number succeed.

    If your goal is really to ensure that you won't lose any data: Buy a new drive, install Win7 on it fresh, then attach the old drive to your system and either copy the data from it or use it as a data drive.

    I may now be flamed by more experienced members.
  2. Win 7 will let you add support for SATA AHCI after being installed... Just a change in the registry will let 7 add the drivers.

    Google is your friend.

    May boot but will it still work with a new board?
  3. Windows repair
  4. WyomingKnott has the right idea
    you really want to do a fresh installation of windows when you replace the motherboard. Even if you could get it to boot, it wouldn't validate, since it uses signatures from the motherboard to make sure your not copying it to multiple PCs.

    Just save your data on your XP installation's drive, and re-install Win7.
  5. Acronis has a feature called "Universal Restore" which will let you restore a backup to dissimilar hardware.

    Another possibility to consider is importing your drive into a virtual machine using vmware.
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