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Hey guys I know this might sound silly but Im actually seeking help to build a low-end rig to practice overclocking on. I know alot of you guys on here are very experienced and have great knowledge in this field this is more or less gonna be a pass time of mine, Im currently enrolled in a Network Engineering course and I love working on computers. Im not looking for anything fancy at all but something a can muster a significant overclock on, I heard AMD Black Editions are nice for overclocking and Intel E6550s are pretty good so which route should I take? The only components I have now are the case,a bunch on fans & a silverstone 650W PSU with 54A on the +12
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  1. You may as well just build a regular computer. The problem with the Intel Core2 CPU's is that decent motherboards are getting scarce. A low end (economy) AMD board will waste the potential of the AMD BE CPU's. The same is true for the Intel i5-K's.

    Just build the best system you can within your budget. Besides, unlike the Core2's and standard AMD CPU's, the K's and BE's are simple to overclock.
  2. Honestly My AM3 rig i have now is pretty high end for where i live to put things in perspective: Computer Store are still selling Pentium 4 CPUs for $150+ USD so I really would like to get a nice build to do some overclocking on
  3. Where do you live? A Pentium 4 CPU is really dated....$150.00 just for that processors is ridiculous...
  4. lowjack989 said:
    Where do you live? A Pentium 4 CPU is really dated....$150.00 just for that processors is ridiculous...

    I know it is thats y i cant buy components down here...I live in Antigua (a small little island in the Caribbean) thats y I was asking for help choosing a am2+ or lga 775 build because it outdated to you but cutting edge down here....i also wanted to dable with DIY watercooling which another thinking which is unheard of in my country =]
  5. I just started OC'ing my 775, but I just bought a 2500K, so my board and cpu are looking to retire to my son's machine, unless I sell them.

    Have you checked ebay to see if there are any for sale?
  6. i shop from geeks.com and amazon.com for they are the few sites i trust and actually accept my credit card..sadly newegg.com & tigerdirect.com do not
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