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Its a old Dimension 4500. As far as I have read it appears it is totally pointless for me to upgrade the cpu in my computer but recently I found a 3.06 ghz pentium 4 cpu with hyper threading that appears to be compatible with my computer. It is socket 478 533 mhz fsb and according to this computer software sandra lite it will work in my computer. I was going to ask you if it will work and if its worth going ahead and buying it if I can get it for only $40? I dont know much about hyper threading technology but I was reading about it and it said that it makes the cpu have better multi-tasking power. Since I dont want to spend the money for an entire new computer I was thinking that maybe if I bought this for like 40 dollars and bought the radeon hd3850 for 100 dollars it would be worth it. I am thinking that buying that cpu and that graphics card and spending 140 bucks will allow me to play most of the games up to mid 08 and some recent games? Is that possible or no?
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  1. I wouldn't do it. Your power supply won't run most newer video cards. Your motherboard has an agp slot; you won't even be able to use any agp cards in newer systems; you'll be stuck with an agp video card when you finally decide to get a new system. I've heard of complete systems with monitors for around $300 recently marked down at walmart, staples, and office max. Or you can build your own with a decent case such as the antec 300 (about $50 shipped at frys.com). For mid range video cards, try to get at least a 400w power supply. Antec and ocz are decent and priced lower than some of the high end brands; corsair is excellent if you find one on sale at newegg.
  2. Perhaps you read this article and it piqued your interest.In the article they used a more potent CPU than what your suggesting on using.

    I agree with o1die though.I don't think that it would be cost effective.
    I would say that $140 would be a good start on getting a new much more powerful CPU and motherboard in a combo deal on newegg.I have seen such good deals lately from time to time usually with a CPU and motherboard and $30 or $40 discounted.You could build a nice new budget gaming system for around $500 to $600.
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