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I have 2 memory sticks in my computer, 1 is a 1 GB and the 2nd is a 512 MB, but the 1 GB is only reading half, what would be the cause of that?
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  1. Mother board may not be able to address different size ram chips, it's natural to default to the weaker chip. Do you have more than 2 slots, if so it might if you put one in each channel.
    As a last resort you could read the manual if you have it or go to manufacturers web site to see if you can download it. Might get lucky and find out there's a bios adjustment.
  2. RAM is generally needs to be installed in matched sets such as 2 x 2Gb or 3 x 2GB.

    Go to the crucial site and use their memory configurator using your MoBo modle. SHould tell you what's what.
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