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Quiet HDDs, eg. Samsung Spinpoint

I have a quiet, mid-range gaming/general system (linked in sig) that has a SSD as a system/applications drive but also needs a HDD for more storage space. I have previously used Samsung Spinpoints as that's a family of drives that are quiet but provide decent performance. I am looking at a size of either 1TB or 1.5TB.

Seems the contemporary spinpoints or similar are the F3 Spinpoint and the F2 EcoGreen - would either one be more preferable than the other, except for being tuned for a bit different parameters? Which drives with a similar profile should I consider from other vendors?

Are there exciting new models coming in the next few months that would compete with these models?
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  1. the F4 is out too
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    Avoid the F2 and F4, they are slower drives.
    Go with the F3 (Newegg referral) for sure - it is a fantastic drive.
  3. The F3 is very fast and as silent as any desktop drive I have ever used. I have installed dozens with no problems.
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  5. Seems the current F3 is about a year old model. So - one would assume that better options would be available, at least from the competitors. Has there been any news of Samsung introducing the next generation of Spinpoint any time soon? Seems the price of the F3 hasn't dropped in the last 3 months either...
  6. Went with Seagate's Barracuda EcoGreen:

    The eco flavour drives seem to gain foothold with the quiet computing crowd, esp. when combined with SSD. Performance folks seem to prefer 7200RPM drives which have higher noise but also certain performance benefits.
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