Cant install Windows 7 on raid 0

hey guys im trying to get 2 OCZ Vertex 30Gb SSD set up in raid so i can install windows 7 on it. So far i have got them working in raid 0 in the bios. when i try to instsll windows 7 it gets into the windows 7 install screen but has no writing or options. all i can do it move the mouse. if i try to use the installed windows 7 using my 1tb drive with the bios is still in raid mode it will freeze on the windows logo and restart the computer. if i turn the raid off and put it back to IDE mode the 1tb windows 7 will run. if anyone can help i wil be very gratefull

i am useing

M/B ASUS P5E3 Premium
CPU Intel QX9650 lga775
HDD -OCZ Vertex 30Gb SSD x2
- WD 1tb

Thanks ;)
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  1. make sure you have the latest BIOS and raid controller firmware
    Try disconnecting all drives, put SSD on first SATA port, set RAID mode in BIOS, boot to installer. Sometimes Windows installer wont work with other drives connected
    then you can always follow this guide
  2. i have done all that and there is no difference :(
  3. Thats a fairly old motherboard and RAID chipset. I dont know specifically if there may be a compatibility issue with those SSD's and that chipset...but Im wondering.

    If you cant figure out why it wont install, try installing to one SSD, then once Windows is up, use the driver software to migrate to RAID0. I know the current gen drivers support that.

    If that doesnt work, then it.....doesnt work.

    Good luck
  4. Where do i get driver software to migrate to raid ? i will start the install on one ssd now
  5. the other thing i for got to say is i can get the ssds to work useing softwere raid
  6. Please god don't use software RAID. It's the scourge of the earth.
  7. i dont want to use softwere raid that why im asking for help. trying to get this to work
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