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Hello Everyone,

I have been searching the board and web and cannot seem to find a way to recoup my files without reformatting my hard drives.

here is my scenario.

had seageate baracude 7200.12 1tb drive for about a year. windows on 128gb partition and the rest on another.
filled it up.
bought seagate 5900.12 2tb last week. formatted whole drive and made it into one large 2tb partitition (1.8blah blah).
transferred all data from previous large partition to 2tb drive.
backup emails and docs onto 2tb.
did fresh install of xp on c drive 128gb partition, quick format of drive.
installed sp2, all drivers, then sp3 and anything else needed.
now this is what i have in disk management
c: 128gb ntfs health
d: 128gb healthy active (when clicking on in windows explorer, get error (disk not formatted)
h: 803.52 gb (remainder of 1tb, same error)
i:1735.01 gb (remainder of 2tb, same error)

most links i find about this error are due to a lack of drivers or service packs, or due to hard drive failure. this is a new drive. and was working just before install.
i have over 800gb of movies music and pictures on there...not to mention ms email pst file, um ill be dead if dont get it, lol.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What drives are these partitions on ?

    Is C on old drive or new drive ?

    Was OS installed on new drive while old drive was connected ?

    Try disconnecting new drive data cable and booting to old drive
  2. HI Jack,
    1tb is c and h 2tb is d and i
    C is on the 7200.12 which is about a year old.
    yes OS was installed while hd was connected.
    i tried disconnecting the 2nd drive and rebooted, still could not access 2nd partition of 1tb drive or h.
    shut down, reconnected 2tb drive (d and i), and still same message.

    please let me know if you need to know anything else.
  3. Testdisk is good for recovering lost partitions and is free...

    You may want to try it on another PC first to get familiar with how it operates.
  4. If you haven't formatted the 2TB drive you have a good chance of getting your stuff back. Stop using this PC!

    The 128GB thing happens when you install XP with no service packs. You need to go to another PC and search for slipstreaming service packs for XP. It is not hard to do. You only need SP3. SP1 and SP2 are included in it. This will give you an XP CD with SP3 built in.

    You can either use another PC to do the recovery on or install XP again on another drive. It can be an old small drive. 10GB is plenty. Make sure it is the only drive connected if you do this. I have only used EASEUS so I don't know how others work. The big problem is after it finds the files (this will take a long long long time for a 2TB drive) it does not just recreate the partition table on the drive. You have to have another drive as big as that one to save to. I recovered a 1.5TB drive and had to save to a 2TB drive.

    It will take a day to do each drive. From what you have said you should be able to recover everything. It is a big pain.
  5. Hi Turk,

    Thank you for the info. I have now completed the xp slipstream with sp3.
    Once i am done installing everything on an extra drive I have, without the 2tb (only one i care about really) plugged in. when i plug in the 2tb, when will i know about the recovery? do i need to use a recovery program? will i get this from disk management?

    Please let me know.
    thanks a bunch
  6. Hello again,

    I've now reinstalled xp with sp3 on my main 1tb drive, all while the 2tb was unplugged. did a quick format of the d partition and good to go.

    installed all updates and drivers. shut down, plugged in 2tb drive, reboot...same thing.

    now ive read that if you re format drive in ntfs it will not delete information just move it around. so as long as i dont install anything or save anything, if i quick format then run a recovery program like panda, i should be able to get all my files, is this correct?

    please let me know.

  7. You should be able to recover the 2TB drive. The only program I have used is the EASEUS recover tool. Try the free one first and see what it finds. If it works like EASEUS it will find a lot of files. Then you can select which ones to save. It will copy the files to another location. If you want to save everything you will need another disk. The 1TB is not big enough.
  8. The free program is the one FreeDataRecovery mentioned in his post called Testdisk.
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