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I own a toshiba qosmio f15, and i was having some recent issues with my harddrive. it crashed entirely. The raid drivers for the laptop were not integrated, and it doesnt have a floppy drive to install via xp, so my only option was windows vista to install through usb.

This laptop served me well for playing such games a warhammer online and world of warcraft.
Since i have installed vista, it says the only display adapter i have is a standard vga adapter with a nvidia chipset. and wont run 3d acceleration via directx 10.0 So i can't run my games, When i look it up on nvidia it says all i have is a standard vga graphics adapater, and can only be downloaded through toshiba.
Toshiba does not support vista on a F15 model. therefore all i can get is xp drivers for the card that is "supposed" to be installed on this machine. The drivers install without an error but isn't recognized through my system at all. When i try to run generic nvidia vista display drivers however it states That i do not have a nvidia card.
The toshiba support forums have been stumped on this issue, and so have I.
Im supposed to have a nvidia geforce fx go5700

Any suggestions?
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  1. You basically have to fool Windows into installing the default NVIDIA drivers for your card. Just decompress the driver package, then go to Device Manager (Right-Click My Computer > Properties).

    Look for your grahic card under the list (it's probably under "Display adapter", right-click on it, and select properties. Under the Driver tab, click on Update Driver..., then select Browse my computer. Look for an .INF file that corresponds to the folder similar to your Go 5700.

    Take note though, Toshiba may have required you to use XP drivers because they found a flaw with how your GPU works with Vista. In any case, just make sure there's nothing wrong with your video card.

    Also, are you sure you're using a legit version of Windows Vista?
  2. I still wont touch vista so I am not sure about this but what about Omega drivers.

    It might be worth a shot.
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