Can ssds have bad sectors???

I bought a 60gb vertex 2 in july '10. I ended up selling in December on amazon to make way for the vertex 3.

However i got a message back from amazon stating from the user:

The hard drive only has 55% life left, its a defective unit with tons of bad sectors. The hard drive fails thorough long tests, this should unit should not have been resold.

My question is do ssds get bad sectors? I've never had a problem with the drive. I can probalby still return it to ocz since it's under warranty. I replied to the user asking what diags did he run.

Unfortunately, before i shipped the drive I was not able to do a secure erase with ocz toolbox because of my motherboard. I just did a quick format with window 7
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  1. Yes, they can. When I use the Intel SSD Toolbox software it shows that my Intel 160GB G2 SSD has 3 reallocated sectors.
  2. Many SSDs ship with a small number of defective blocks from the factory (mine has 6). These are just marked as bad and replaced by some from the overprovisioned memory. As more blocks become incapable of being written to from overuse the same thing happens. Eventually you'll start losing usable capacity though. It's important to note that OCZ does not warrant the drive against normal wear, and neither do most, if not all manufacturers. This is because it is not considered a form of drive failure.
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