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Hi guys, I'm thinking on buying some fans for my Thermaltake Element G case, I want 2 120mm intake fans, and I need 1 140mm exaust fan (rear fan went bad), I would like to hear your recommendations.
I want silent fans, but also with good CFM and good quality.

Lets see which 120mm and 140mm fan is going to be the winner...

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  1. Actually right now I'm browsing through fans as I'm planning my WC cooling...

    Came across something that just seems bizarre.


    I don't know how that's possible, and at 1400RPM... 120mm... wtf?

    Also, Silverstone Air Penetrator look like awesome fans. Check them out.
  2. Found a couple more really good ones.

    Coolermaster R4-L2R-20AC 120MM
    3mm Hg
    19dba (I'll bet it's higher at 2k rpm)

    Enermax UCAP12-BL Apollish
    2mm Hg
  3. Wow 14dBA and moving 72CFM???... and at 1400RPM???... Thats sounds like fake... I've never seen something like that...

    Yeah I saw the Penetrators but their CFM is pretty low, maybe is the way the air is directed to...

    I saw the Sickleflow from Cooler Master, moving 69CFM and 19dBa at 2000RPM, not bad at all... Any more ideas guys?...

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    After finding those fans I tried finding reviews. Seems the DBA needs to be taken with a grain of salt. They give the min loudness and max flow performance lol. So yeah, they're loud at speed but at least the bearing is quiet. Seems like Noctua still has the best fans.

    Although that penetrator is pretty unique, check out the youtube vid on it where it blows smoke. Definitely makes a good intake fan.
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