Drivers for ASRock 775i65G Mobo

I now must ask the TH Forums community for some help...

I've got a few parts that I tossed together for a PC that I use primarily to work on family and friends computers in order to backup their data. The PC works fine, no weird BSODs or anything like that...only one little thing bugs me. When I installed a copy of XP Pro on it, all the drivers either were installed right afterwards or I had to go on ASRock's website and download the drivers.

The only 2 drivers I can't seem to find are the SM Bus (Chipset) drivers and the USB Controller driver. Now normally I really wouldn't care about this since the PC runs just fine, however having that USB Controller would bump it up to USB 2.0 speeds which would really help when I have to transfer 200GB of data.

Anyways, I'm hoping someone out there either has this older AGP board or might know where to track down these 2 drivers.

Happy Hunting,

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