A SSD or more RAM for a laptop?

I have a two year old laptop which i love very much. It's still functioning pretty good, but it does show its age. What do you guys think that will improve the overall speed of the laptop. SSD or add more RAM? My laptop is a dell m1330. It has a 1.6 GHz duo core 2 processor and 2GB RAM. I'm currently running Windows 7.
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  1. do you have 32-bit or 64-bit OS?

    how big is you current HDD
  2. If you can afford it, grab 1 or 2gb of ram and grab an SSD as well.
    If you are wondering which SSD to buy, let me know and I'll help you choose.
  3. +1^ (go with the upgrade to 4 gigs as 3 gigs will put memory into single channel mode.)

    Have two laptops (Toshibis A205 and a A305). Both with 32 bit Win 7. The first thing I did was to replace the Memory, upgraded to 4 gigs. Then later on I upgraded the HDD to a SSD.

    For 2 gig laptops with an integrated graphics the memory upgrade is a very good upgrade.. You want to go with the 4 gigs even if you have 32 bit OP as it will preserve the daul channel mode (3 gigs = single channel mode). Only diff between 32 bit and 64 bit is that you will only have about 3.5 gigs available with 32 bit OP. Benifit is less swapping of memory to page file.

    The SSD will:
    (1) improve boot time and program load times.
    (2) slight increase battery on time as long as you pick a LOW wattage SSD - there are a few that draw almost as much as a HDD.

    For a laptop, with single HDD space the min size for an SSD is about 80 gigs, and I recommend a 120 gig SSD.
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