Qurstion xfx gf 9500gt 512 64bit / pleas help i am new to computer

I am really to computer....all i do is play some flash game and watch movie.....i just wonder is 64bit really bad compare to the 128bit 9500gt ?...i orded wrong..and now i cant return it........i will just need to go with it.......

anyway my question is ...will this 64bit 9500gt run movie in full HD mon like samsung 2233sw just fine...or is going to be bad?.......and flash(i know...but that is all i play......) i only got 250w psu with my dell......(also cheap)

thank you very much for your answer.....
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  1. If you list your hardware and how many amps you have on the 12v rails, we will calculate if your PSU is adequate. If there is a combined 12v total Watts, please give us that too.
  2. It seems your graphics card does not support HDCP.

    If you're lacking some pieces of the HDCP puzzle, you can—for the moment—watch Blu-ray movies at HD resolutions over an analog VGA interface, but its slightly lesser quality partly defeats the purpose of the upgrade. Also, this may be a temporary allowance. Blu-ray content providers have the option (not yet exercised) to manufacture their discs to include an Image Constraint Token (ICT), an electronic flag that throttles playback to low resolutions if HDCP is not present through the entire playback chain. As a result, we recommend the digital route for top quality and future-proofing, using a late-model, HDCP-compliant graphics card and display. (You're going to need the graphics pep to decode Blu-ray smoothly, anyway.)

    Test that your PC is ready to play Blu-ray Discs

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