It keeps crashing with weird lines on the screen HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok my computer is crashing sometimes while on and EVERYTIME when playing games. These weird red yellow or green lines would appear on the screen and it would just go to a blank blue scree.(NOT BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

Then when it reboots I get screens like this

If I leave it off for around a hour it goes back to normal.

Whats the issue. Is it my graphics card?


Windows 7
WD 320 gig hdd
4 gigs of Adata DDr2 800
Leadtek 8800 gts 320mb

Case is a Antec 900

I've had this PC for 2 years now
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  1. chances are your graphics card is dying .

    Try rolling back the driver to an earlier option and see if that cure the problem , if it doesnt then install the latest driver

    if neither works you can begin planning your next computer purchase
  2. damn I knew it more reason now to upgrade
  3. Before you give up on it completely, check to make sure it is not getting too hot.
    Fan working, no dust buildup.
  4. take it out and see if the area around the fan is full of dust, try removing as much as you can.
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