2TB WD Green - Failure rate?

I probabyl should have looked into these before buying, but the drive I ordered last week has just arrived, it is a WD 2tb Green, WD20EARS, date is 22 Sept 2010.

What is the failure rate like on these? Going by the New Egg comments it's really bad, should I be worried of it failing?

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  1. The failure rate is 2.9%, which is a heck of a lot better than most of the other 2TB drives.
    Check out the stats here: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/french_retailer_data_offers_ssd_failure_rates/
  2. there are two different physical versions of this disc..there is one with 4 platters and one with 3 platters...and they are both called wd20ears ...
    The pics on newegg is of the 4 platter model because it has the black circle around the sticker which the 3 platter doesnt have

    so can the newegg reviews of the wd20ears be trusted? I mean, western digital have two very different products under the name wd20ears....

    silentpcreview reviewed the model with 3 platters. I just ordered a wd20ears , hope I get the one with 3 platters....I have a feeling a 3 platter disc will be more reliable and quiet..
  3. He has the EARS model which is a 4.83% failure rate.
  4. well, 5% is good enough for me.. Here's hoping it doesn't fail.

    Thanks everyone.
  5. I have two 4-platter WD20EARS drives and I haven't had any issues with them.
  6. I've had a WD 20 EARS
    It crashed 3 times,

    1st one was a 4-platter
    2nd Replacement was a 3-Platter
    3rd Replacement is a 4-platter and it is going for RMA pretty soon.

    All the three times I lost complete 1.8TB of data.

    None of the HDDs were under any stress and had a more than healthy supply(Corsair VX450 w/1.5KVA AVR). All were used just as a storage drive internally. I have 3 more HDD's inside the same PC all the three are >3years old and working fine. Only the 2TB has died on me again and again in a period of 1.5 year.

    I would say the statistics are NOT TRUE as I can find similar results with a lot of people in my region.
  7. I bought one of these 2TB WD green, a 3-platter i think. Anyway, within 1 month of use it started failing. It really is a terrible drive, I will never ever buy WD drives again. I do not recommend anyone buy one to store important or critical data because at some point this drive will most likely fail on you. I ended up buying a seagate SV35 to replace it which is apparently enterprise quality and designed for 24/7 use in CCTV systems. Never had this sort of trouble with seagate drives. In fact, I have a small server that runs 25/7 with a standard seagate 500GB drive for over 2 years now and I have never had a single problem with it and the drive temp sits around 45C.
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