CPU idle temperatures

Ok... recently put some bits together and currently running the following:
Mobo: Acer G43T-M
CPU: Intel Q8300 quad 2.5
Gfx: Gainward GT440 1gb ddr5
Cooling: Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 Rev 2

The last thing I installed was the Arctic heatsink and fan. However, when the stock heatsink and fan was installed, my idle temp was reporting no bigger than 25-28 degrees.

With the Arctic installed my idle will not drop below 38 degrees.

Speedfan, realtemp and core temp all reported same figures.

The Arctic does seem to be doing it's job on load temps, but I can't understand how the idle temp is running higher than before. I've made sure the auto fan settings were disabled in the bios, so the fan is running at 2000 rpm.

Anything obvious that I might have missed?
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  1. The thermo past may not be applied correctly The Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 is alittle fussy on this. take a look at this:
  2. I watched that same video like 5 or 6 times before installing it... application of compound looked just fine

    I've got a feeling I need to improve the airflow... I'm yet to replace the exhaust fan, so the lack of increased airflow may be contributing to why I'm seeing the higher idle temp

    The stock setup took air out of the side of the case through an exhaust funnel on the fan, whereas the new setup draws air from front to back. I haven't setup fans to account for this yet, so that may account for why load temps are ok, but idle is a bit higher than it could be
  3. Ok, agree, it is most likely your case airflow. Yes I've played around with airflow on one of my systems and it can make a big diff.
    Sorry I mentioned the Application of paste, but that seems the most common cause.
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