Bottleneck Fixes...advice please!!!

Okay so, around 3 years ago I got a system with the following specs:
-800fsb motherboard
-Intel Pentium D 2.8ghz
-2GB of 533mhz ram
-500watt PSU
-8800gts 640mb
-PCI-Express 16 interface for my GPU

-Well my point is, I feel as if my GPU is really getting bottlenecked by my processor and possibly my ram and the connection interface. I am building a new system and I was wondering if it will take off the bottlenecks I have on performane, here are its specs

-Intel core i7 920 2.7ghz
-Motherboard with 1600mhz FSB
-12GB of 1333mhz ram
-750watt psu
-PCI-Express 2.0 interface (the newer one)
-SAME GPU 8800gts 640mb

-will this setup eliminate my bottlenecks,and yes i know i have ridiculous amount of ram but I got a crazy deal on it and couldn't resist so ya.
-I am especially concerned with my processor because all my troubleshoots and stuff have pointed to it being extremely important for running 3d applications/games.

-Thanks for any help
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  1. the pentium d is probably holding back the 640 gts , which by todays standards is a low performance card .

    The simple cheap upgrade is to check your mb makers website and see if any of the C2D processors are supported , and then spend a few more dollars on a gtx 260 or 4870 .

    If you are building just for gaming its an utter waste of $ to buy a top of the range cpu/mb and keep the old gfx card .
    Its also insane to use 12 gb of ram , unless you run VM's or 64 bit apps like CS4 . Gaming needs 3 and at most 6 gig for best results
  2. Agree with everthing here ^
    6gig of RAM is more than enough. 12 gig is ridiculous.
    The Pentium D, and the 8800 are both slow compared to todays standards.
    Very slow.
  3. My operating system will be vista 64BIT and I will be using Photo shop CS4 by the way....which takes up lots of ram. And as I said...I got an ABSOLUTE CRAZY DEAL on the I couldn't resist it!! DONT SAY ITS A WASTE CAUSE I GOT the 12gb for 150bucks a couple of weeks ago...6gb costs around 100 on the cheapest i got double the ram for half the price.
    I kind of do need to the ram becuase i need to run multiple applications like games, internet, email, cs4, itunes, and other stuff, especially a real time stock market monitor which used to murder my system for the resources it needed, oh oh and visual studio also which can take a couple gigs.

    -And 8800gts 640mb isn't a slow card, on 1680x1050 it can max out everything except for company of heroes and crysis which happened to be the two games i play most lol. I am not crazy about video-games and I don't nessarily really need all high settings or anything, i will be satisfied with even medium settings. If I feel like it later on, i will just smack a second 8800gts 640mb into my system and run them in SLI and second card is only 100$$$ and it will out perform the gtx260 you offered so yeah. I am still thinking about what to do with my GPU weather buy a second same one or just buy a single more powerful one.
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