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I will build a basic system JUST to view online movies from netflix, youtube, abc and so on.I will connect this pc to hdtv via hdmi cable. I try to keep the cost low. The total comes to $ 292. Please give me your suggestions or recommendations.

If you guys approve it, i will place an order pretty soon.

cpu: $ 60

Motherboard: $ 70

Case: $ 20

Memory: $ 26

Wireless NIC: $ 20

Wireless kb & mouse: $ 28

HDMI Cable: $ 4.00

HD: $ 49 with coupon

PSU: $ 20

Thank you.
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  1. I was going to suggest a lower wattage CPU like the LE-1640 which is only 45W as that would be plenty, but you could underclock/undervolt instead to save on power, as the X2 240 should cope with YouTube and so on at 800MHz and just under 1v.

    Apart from that it seems a reasonable choice of parts.
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