Overclocking i7 920 D0

I recently decided i would try to oc my i7 920 a bit with stock cooler, but when i realised that my onload temps are already 80-85c i started to think that maby overclocking on stock cooler isn't so good idea after all..

So i decided i would buy new cooler and then oc a bit more than originally planned :)
(originally wanted something like 3-3.2Ghz but now im thinking more like 3.8)

This is going to be my first oc so if someone could tell me what settings in BIOS i should touch, i know i need to change the BCLK and CPU voltage but are there more settings i need to tweak.
Links to guides are always welcome :)

Recommendations on good coolers would be nice, im looking to spend something like 60€ on it.
I was thinking about Noctua NH-D14 but then i read somewhere it would block the first memory slot, if true then i cant obviously buy that one cause i have all 6 slots used

Here are my spec:
Case Zalman GS1000
Mobo: Asus P6T se
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 D0
RAM: 3GB Kit (3x1GB) Dominator, TR3X3G1600C8D and another 3gb kit which i believe is TR3X3G1600C9
GPU: Asus HD4890
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  1. most samples will do 3.6 without changing the volts, on a decent board.
    mine does no problem.
    i found my oc to be most stable if i moved every thing off auto and set it to stock.
    so where it says in bios

    cpu volts 1.18125v (auto) i changed it to
    cpu volts 1.18125v 1.18125v
    and did the same for every other auto setting.
    then just bumped the blk to get 3.6 and dropped the mem multi to match its stated speed. of 1333@1.5v cpu temp ilde is 40-42'c @ load 67-69'c
    this way i didnt need to adjust the qpi pll as im still well withing the .5v limit. although people that know better may well tell you different...
    as they say, what works for me, may not work for you.
    im not an overclocker as such, infact im just an enthusiastic armature but with some tweaking i did manage to get up to 4.2 and managed a 3d mark of 24.5k and a superpi 1M of 9.3 seconds which i was over the moon with....

    you may want to check out the zalman cnps 10 extreme/quiet/flex or cnps 11 i went for the flex so i could add a yate loon 900-2200 rpm fan

    good luck...
  2. Safe OC' with stock cooler (in your Asus P6T) you can do it automatically without manual set-up. But if you want to go up to 3.8-4.0 you will need to upgrade your cooler. I personally recommend Cooler Master V-10 TEC cooling. I have it for a year now, and I OC my 17-920 D0 to 4.2 without any problems. Here are good starting point:




    p.s Read everything carefully, pay attention to the voltages and you are ging to be fine :D
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