PC just stops...

This just started happening randomly and is very frustrating. Randomly when i play a game (happened 5 minutes into mass effect, 10 seconds into the re5 benchmark etc) my pc screen will just freeze. All the fans are still running ang power is still supplied to everything but the mouse does not work nor does the keyboard and my only option is to reboot. I've tried checking event viewer but there is no error other than "Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0"

My system specs :
Antec Basiq 500w
EVGA GTX 260 core 216 SC
2x2gb G.Skill 1066 (2v)
E6320 @ 3ghz (1.35v)
Seagate Barracuda 320GB

I've run memtest 86 without any errors and prime95 stable for 8 hours...so i have no idea what could be going on. i was suspecting that it was the psu but would't my pc shutoff/restart? Also, i thought it might be a very hot NB. It does not have a sensor on this board but the last time i touched it, it almost burned me after 10 seconds.

Also, i should mention that sometimes it happens and other times everything is 100% fine.
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  1. weak psu.
  2. Very bland answer but thanks for the help. Does anyone have anything else to add?
  3. I presume you are overclocking your system????

    Did returning to stock settings not help?

    I have had faulty PSU's before; the computer would not necessarily restart/shut off; sometimes it would just crash back to desktop or freeze like so.

    Also, Prime95 stable for 8 hours means... NOTHING. I once had a Prime stable configuration for 15 hours. Started up a game and got a BSOD in 2 seconds.
  4. Nope, returning to stock still gave me the problem i also ran memtest overnight (7 hours) and got no errors at all.
  5. I just played crysis for like two hours and nothing happened...ugh this is so annoying because if it was a weak psu wouldnt it be acting up almost always at the beggining of when im playing something? And plus, i dont have any money to buy a new one atm to see if its whats causing it.
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