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Hi, i have just ran into a problem with my card (at least i think it's the card) anyhow i got this card sometime last year and it's been working great, but for some reason it just sopped working and i haven't touched anything in my pc. So i took the side off my case and turned my pc on again, the fan on the gfx card starts spinning at full speed but doesn't slow back down like it normally did. I noticed 3 solid red LED's were lit (all except D601) i made sure everything is in place where it should be and it is i even tried reseting the bios by taking the battery out and moving the jumpers but still nothing, i don't know why it isn't working like i said it's been working fine for the past few months and my PSU is 1000w so it can't be lack of power, any help on this would be greatly appriciated, thanks
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  1. yea i am also having that problem but everytime that happens i somehow get it to work or at least till the three red lights come up again. First time it happened i just unplugged the PS and reconnected it, second time i did the same thing, but this last time that did not work so i left the computer off overnight and when i woke up i still had the red lights. Then i pulled the video card out and put it back in and got it working again... it will probably happen again but ima call the customer service (prolly wont help any but worth a try) and see wat happens... o and btw i have a sapphire 4870. Ill keep you posted tho
  2. Thanks for that, i tried the sapphire card that i had before this one to see if that worked (because it used to before i got the 4870- HD) and two red lights came on that and i got no desplay again, so i'm wondering if it could have anything to do with my motherboard?
  3. lol... ok i called them and they talking bout tech support is on a conference for about a week... wtf? what kind of conference takes a week? well anyways the lady said you might want to send them a email. i did that you might wanna try too. Heres the email:

    Till then ill look in more places about this problem.
  4. I figured out my problem. It was my power supply... the 4 pin connection that goes into my mobo is f'd up if you barely nudge it something will lose its power, so i had to move it back... And ive been reading that up too bout 3 red lights meaning somethin to do with a power issue so mayb reconnect all your cables and see if that works cause like you said you gotta 1000w psu so that shouldnt be the problem... post back if you come up with anything
  5. Thanks, i tried dissconnecting all the power connectors and re-connecting them but still nothing so i bought a new motherboard and it works fine now, so something must of just burnt out in my motherboard, thanks for the help though :)
  6. ok and your welcome. At least we both figured out our problem lol. Good luck with your comp for the rest of its days :bounce:
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