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hi all.

well, i want smooth FPS gaming. ( anything more than about 50fps is wasted IMO. and since i live in a 50Hz world, power supply-wise, this would work nicely). was playing JointOps but looking towards ArmA2.

however, i do 3D rendering as well (lightwave3d) that relies solely on cpu throughput. i need as much calculating power and threads as i can get. so which 'i' series do i go for? the 1366 or 1156?

what i would like is something like this;

cpu> i7 920 (oc'ed prolly), but with a view to upgrading it.

mobo> at least x58 and preferably mini ATX form factor. this because i lug the box around all the time and id like small and light.

ram> triple channel, for the i9 upgrade path and 3Gb (6 when i go to 64bit).

slots> 1 pci-e 16x, as i really dont think a multi card setup is actually worth the frames my monitor cant show me.

+lots of USB's and sata2 (with SAS, maybe).

my current box has lasted me nearly 5 years and still going strong. P4 3.02G,1Gb, radeon9800Pro, Xp32bit.
i would like a comparable life from the new stuff if poss.

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  1. The 50Hz power supply has little to do with FSP and that ona PC since PC monitors mostly run at 60Hz or more (75Hz is probably most common), if attached to a TV then you do have a point as they are tied into the 50Hz of the power supply (times 2 on decent newer ones, so 100Hz).
    But you do still have a point, when I looked into this, it seemed that anything above 60FPS was a waste as anything lower can cause tiredness and if low enough you would identify the frames. So I would aim closer to 60FPS than 50FPS, but even so 50 would be fine if you don't play for 12 hours at a time.

    I also agree that in most cases a multi-card setup (crossfire/sli) is not worth it and where possible going for a single more powerful card is better.
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