How Far could I OC a Phenom II 955BE?

itll be my first Overclock .Im going to get a new 955 Black Edition and wanted to know how far I could OC it without stressing it too much?
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA880GM UDH2
RAM -G-Skill Ripjaws 1333MHz DDR3 8GB CL9
HDD -SpinPoint F3 1TB
Case -HAF 922
Air Cooling, no changes to Voltages, no custom HS.
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  1. Multi=x19
    Base Clock=200Mhz
    everything else can be on auto

    That should get you a decently stable 3.8GHz
    Most 955 can go to 4.0 GHz...yet 3.8 GHz I have found with my 965 is a really stable OC...4.0 GHz is stable yet I feel a little more than needed and take a little bit of the CPU's life with it.
  2. Hi Craig.

    A good first overclock with a 955BE would be 3.8GHz (Multiplier set to x19 )on Auto voltage (or 1.40v should do it)

    It's a safe speed that just about every 955BE should be able to accomplish without problems.

    If you want to push further you'll definitely need a better cooler than the one with your CPU, a good cheap cooler would be a Hyper 212 air cooler, which should fit inside your case.

    I got mine to 4.1GHz with a H50, Although I don't think that's a good goal for a first-time overclocker.
  3. i was wondering the same.

    I have the Cooler master hyper 212 plus.

    How much could I overclock?
  4. 4,0 Ghz and Further! noo just kidding... set multiplier to x19, voltage to 1,40 - 1,42 and you should get a 3,8 Ghz OC
  5. i got a 3.8Ghz OC with voltages set to 1.3v on a MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard.

    Exact voltage use reads 1.288v. I'm happy :D.

    4.0ghz will take 1.344v (bios at 1.36v).

    So far 3.8Ghz is rock solid, need to test the 4.0ghz out.

    Do you have a proper cpu cooling fan? I'm using stock phenom coolers that came with the cpu.
  6. WHat kind of temps are u guys hitting with 3.8 and stock HS? I am running 3.5 on my 955 and stock HS in NZXT Hades and I hit 52-53 in Prime95.

    I just ordered an Antec 620 water cooler, mostly cause the stock HS is too noisy, I am hoping to go to 4.0 and keep temps bellow 50c in Prime95, think I can manage that?
  7. I cannot get a stable 3.8Ghz on my 955 no matter what voltage. Tried from 1.35v up to 1.45v and just get a garbled screen and auto reboot or a message telling me Windows has been shutdown to prevent damage. I've watched the temps up to shutdown every time and it never gets past 59C. Had it running 3.6GHz fine with 1.35v but didn't get much difference in testing between 3.6 and 3.4 so I've just stuck with 3.4GHz 1.3v. Highest temps I've ever seen with 3.6GHz is 57C stressed.
    Using stock heatsink with a quieter fan and more CFM. Runs around 36C idle. Antec 300 Illusion case with 120mm side intake fan added, all fans running on high.
    Thinking about getting a Xigmatek Balder SD1283 and trying again. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  8. Just got the 620 and the results are excellent.

    Running at 3.8Hgz with stock voltage (1.325) and prime 95 will not go higher than 42C after 30 minutes. Doing push/pull with my stock NZXT 120mm fan used for the pull. And this using the stock thermal pad they had pre-installed since I just found out that my AS5 has all dried up :(

    It does create this slightly annoying chirping sound all the time, I assume that's the water pump, I can almost not hear with my headset on, but it is kind of annoying...

    Still terrific cooling performance, If I was brave and upped the voltage on the cpu, I am sure I can go past 4.0Ghz X_x
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