New Phenom2 Build

Hi all, I'm planning on building new PC.
I will mainly using the PC on gaming and some office stuff, and I'd prefer to use AM3 platform.
But, I'm confused about which processor is right for my choice, would X4 810 better than X3 720 in gaming?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated..
I'm sorry if I post this topic in wrong section..
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  1. 720 will be the better gaming choice . Higher core speeds count , rather than more cores in almost all current games
  2. I think either is a good choice. If it were me, I would go with a quad core rather than the triple core, but again either will work well. Outlander_4 makes a good argument, but I doubt that will be true as we go forward in time.
  3. There is always the chance that if you have a 790 chipset motherboard that the 4th core can be activated and it be a stable setup on the 720 BE
    ( I was lucky enough to find and get the Biostar brand with my 720BE combo for $208.00 unlocked 4th and have all cores sitting @ 3.3 running great)
  4. Hmm actually for 700ish one could hit a 955BE/GTX 260 rig these days ^^
  5. +1 for the X3 720...It is better than the 810 because of 2 reason.
    1. The X3 720 has 6MB L3 cache compared to the 4MB L3 cache in X4 810...So the 3 cores have about 2MB each compared to 1MB in the 810...And it is known fact that games like the extra cache...

    2. The X3 has unlocked multiplier...So if you are OK with overclocking, then the X3 720 would be the better choice...

    So If it is for gaming, the X3 is the best option...

    But if you want a quad for gaming, then better off spending $20 more for the X4 940...
  6. @batuchka,

    1) that build has a hitachi HDD which is bad.

    2) that build comes out closer to $800 not $700.
  7. Well i have worked with virtually all brands of HDD and sometimes the benches do not tell the real world feel/difference so thse days i'm more likely recommending peeps maximising their GB/$$ rather than going for whatthe benches say is the best but thats just me. Ya $760 after less MIR hehe
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