Is it normal? (Hybrid Seagate 7200)

Sorry for an amateur question, but I'm big newb.... Just got my first laptop:

with a 500GB Seagate hybrid hard drive (7200 rpm)

A few things I've noticed:

When I boot my laptop, the Hard Drive make a "clunk" sound and then some sort of buzzing.

During the operation under some loads, I hear random clicking sounds as well.

I've worked on other peoples' laptops and I don't recall hearing stuff like that. I'm tempted to exchange it for another one....or maybe that the 7200 hds are generally louder than the 5400 ones?

Thank you.
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  1. Unusual sounds from a hard drive are frequently signs of impending failure. If you're a "big newb," then walk it down to BestBuy (assuming you got it in person) and have one of the techs listen to it. If s/he reacts with horror, the drive or laptop can be replaced then and there.
  2. I'm returning the sucker. It was advertised as a long battery life. It's actually less than 3 hrs. I tried to do an SD24 Seagate firmware update, but it is not recognized by the system. The 7 second boot time is nice, but everything else isn't. This baby is going back. Thank you for you reply.
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