PERC 6 with SATA drives larger than 2TB

I have several systems with various versions or the PERC 6 RAID controller - 6i and 6/E both integrated and as expansion cards.

Is there any way to get them to recognize the full capacity of a SATA hard drive larger than 2TB? I have some 3TB SATA drives but all of the PERC 6 controllers only recognize them as 2TB capacity. I have the latest firmware, BIOS, and drivers.

I found this article about the H700 & H800 controllers, but it says nothing about any of the PREC controllers:,+3TB+Drives+and+Beyond

Any help or advice or a link to anything from Dell stating whether or not this is even on their radar would be appreciated.
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  1. mtmazzitello said:
    I have the latest firmware, BIOS, and drivers.

    If none of these resolved the problem, then you are probably out of luck, sorry.
  2. I have the same issue with my perc 6e and drives larger than 2TB.

    I found this page:

    which indicates that the H700, H800, and maybe H200 support 3TB drives. I hope DELL adds this support to the PERC 6 line as well, for drives in excess of 2TB.
  3. Yes I did buy a H800 some time ago and have verified that it does recognize the full 3TB of the drives that I have in my Power Vault.

    No luck yet with Perc 6 yet, it still recognizes the drives but thinks they are 2T even if the drive itself is larger. Maybe they will come out with a firmware or something for these.
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