Help needed selecting x58 board

im gonna buy a x58 motherboard i have come down to 2 options

1 asus rampage 2 GENE
2 Evga x58 sli e758

im not gonna overclock much but need a board thats stable and of good quality please advise and tell me if there are other good boards of evga or asus in the same price range

im gonna be sticking with board i buy now for three to four years
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  1. The Asus board is great as long as you don't mind the limitations of the mATX form. EVGA is probably my least favorite MB maker for several reasons...but lets just say I've tried them and had nothing but problems with their boards and customer service.
  2. then i think i should go with the rampage 2 gene i dont mind the matx form factor
    as im not going to do sli or some other stuff that requires atx board

    and from reviews ive read rampage 2 gene is a very good board
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