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Im thinking of building new rendering farm for 3ds max/after effect etc and I duno what to take... the 2x E5xxx series on Nehelem core, probably e5520/5530(thy so expensive) or the i7 proc and simply OC it to 4ghz.... + 12 gb triple chanel memory 1tb hdd

From other hand can I also OC Xeons to rach 3ghz? ~~
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  1. I would go with a single OC i7 for the best value, and 2 hard drives. Read with one drive and write to the other for best performance.
  2. the i7 based xeons afe the w35xx xeons
  3. obsidian86 said:
    the i7 based xeons afe the w35xx xeons

    Partially true - the 5500 series Xeons are also Nehalem based.
  4. Both are true, but the Xeon 5xxx aren't they dual cores? :??:
  5. Not all of them, no. This one is a quad, for example: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117179

    As for the OPs question, a pair of E5530s will be faster than pretty much any OC i7 you could get, assuming a well-threaded task (which should be true for rendering).
  6. Heya

    ERrr from what I know Xeon W series = SINGLE SOCKET CPU only (1 mobo 1 cpu 1 socket) where for E series we can have DUAL SOCKET CPU (1 mobo 2 cpu 2 sockets) I will be posting soon threat again.. or ill edid this1 if i can with full PC Specs..

    Btw cjl so you saying that 2x E5530/E5520 will be > i7 3,5/4 ghz ? if yes thats great :D

    Pc will be mainly for After Effect /Photoshop/3Ds max...but also in free time for some Hight End Games... :)
  7. W series can be dual socket - the W5580 is a dual socket CPU. W vs E is more determined by the TDP - W series are 130W.

    As for the other question, 2xE5530 will be faster than 1 i7 3.5-4GHz in well threaded tasks only. For rendering and simulation, it will absolutely be faster, but it will almost definitely be slower for gaming than the i7 due to the lower clockspeed.
  8. HEya

    cjl umh...yea but thats the only 1 W series processor that can go in dual..http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=37113&code=Intel%c2%ae+Xeon%c2%ae+Processor+W5580+(8M+Cache%2c+3.20+GHz%2c+6.40+GT%2fs+Intel%c2%ae+QPI)

    The ohter one for example W3520 cant :(
  9. Look at the numbers though to determine socket capability. 55xx series CPUs are dual socket capable, 35xx are not. L/E/X/W tell you the power usage. L cpus are rated at 60W, E at 80W, X at 95W, and W at 130W. This holds true for all Nehalem based Xeons (5500/3500 series) - it will vary on older models though.

    Oh, and both the W5580 (i7-965 equivalent) and W5590 (i7-975 equivalent) are dual socket capable.
  10. oh right thats W 5xxx wrrr im blind sory ! :s

    ok so in that case...E5520 / E 5530 is my future tool...from other hand.... can we OC xeons? :x Im thinking of getting this mobo Asus Serverboard Z8pe-d18
  11. Overclocking is motherboard dependent, but I'd be surprised if you could on pretty much any board out there. Despite that, multi socket will still be faster for rendering and the like, and slower for gaming.
  12. Xeon is "workstation" chipset... i7 is " Home @ family @ gaming " chipset....xeon is suitable for extreme working atmosphere..for example is 3d making( making film like transformer @ 3ds max rendering),factory machine.Even its slow..but its have high performance when doing extremely work for example is no lag when doing 3d modelling stable when rendering 3d.......i7 is power..but can't doing extreme task like XEON...its just for gaming and home intertainment...so..if u just want to play game...its better for u to get i7...if you doing 3d works like animation rendering...its better to get intel xeon...i already use xeon E5520 nahalem...and its run so nice...i also play game like COD and else, and its run soooooo fine..
  13. o humh so then... since I finnaly find some1 with xeon... can u OC it? :D
  14. Dariusz said:
    o humh so then... since I finnaly find some1 with xeon... can u OC it? :D

    Yes and no. There are generally no BIOS options to overclock anything in dual-socket motherboards- no Bclk, Vcore, Vdimm, or memory timing adjustments. The most you might be able to do is decrease the RAM strap from DDR3-1066 to DDR3-800. However, you can use some purely software tools to twiddle the Bclk via messing with the clock generator chip. Some people have had success with that, but I do not know that the boards have bus locks like a lot of consumer boards do, so you may have to be careful with how much you raise the Bclk, else your PCIe peripherals and disk controllers quit working. You also may be able to do a pin mod to increase the CPU's Vcore as well.

    All in all, I'd not try to overclock a server board, but there are some limited, highly-unofficial ways to overclock them if you really, really want to.
  15. humh well thats bad... I was hoping that once I got my xeon I will be able to OC it a lil bit to get 2.5-3ghz :/ well in that case... any1 know how does thinks looks like on asus Z8PE-D18?
  16. Actually, Xeon CPU's are overclockable... I'm running two Harpertown's E5410 X 2 (originaly 2.33Ghz, oc'd to 2.8Ghz) on Asus W7S board, runs very stable with heavy loading (compositing in AE CS4, exporting media in Adobe Encoder and running Premiere). I also read that Intel Skultrail oc's very well as well.
  17. The CPUs are overclockable, but the workstation boards don't typically have the options in the BIOS.
  18. humh V_masters I was trying to find ur mobo but I cant... only laptops come up can you meybe post link to it? Also the Skultrail is old mobo and dont support Nehelem from what I can saw soo I dont think I'm gona get this mobo...

    cjl yap unfortunatly thats right...but I heart that you might be able to do soft oc using some Software from windows... duno if it will work tho :/
  19. V_masters said:
    Actually, Xeon CPU's are overclockable... I'm running two Harpertown's E5410 X 2 (originaly 2.33Ghz, oc'd to 2.8Ghz) on Asus W7S board, runs very stable with heavy loading (compositing in AE CS4, exporting media in Adobe Encoder and running Premiere). I also read that Intel Skultrail oc's very well as well.

    Let me bet- did you do the BSEL pin mod to crank the FSB speed up from 333 MHz (1333) to 400 MHz (1600)? Your E5410 has a multiplier of 7x and 7x400 would give you 2.80 GHz, so that seems pretty likely. The BSEL mod is generally considered a stable tweak as it doesn't mess with the PCIe bus or memory speeds due to the chip requesting a higher but still officially supported FSB clock speed.

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything like the BSEL mod for Opterons or IMC-enabled Xeons. All Opterons have a base clock of 200 MHz and I don't think there are any CPU pin values that can change it. All Nehalems run at a 133 MHz Bclk and I don't know if there are pin settings to change the Bclk like there is with the BSEL on older FSB-enabled Xeons. My guess is you'd have to do the clock chip twiddling to overclock these CPUs.
  20. I was in the process of building my dream system when my significant other caught the vacation bug.

    I purchased:

    2 - Xeon w5590 3.33ghz
    1 - SuperMicro X8DAL - i Motherboard
    6 - 4GB sticks of Crucial DDR3 (24GB Total)

    Luckily, everything is still sealed in the retail packaging. Guess what is going on eBay later this week... :( I am hoping for $3k for it all, but I see $2700 in my future.

    I looked at the i7 975's and it was a tough choice between them, but it is very hard to beat dual w5590's. Ehh, one day I will build my dream system.
  21. hello

    Can you mb explain a bit more what you mean by that bug ? Didnt catch it o.o And did you put it on ebay already ? :]
  22. Hi i also have a same configuration what you are looking for and Trust me its worth it
  23. Yeah, she is worn out between going to college full time and working full time. She wants to take a week off from both and go either to Grand Cayman or Las Vegas. Since I do not want to take another $3k - $4k hit to my savings, my dream system has to go. It is not on eBay yet. I will more than likely put it on Saturday or Sunday.

  24. oh o well... then... how much you want for ur xeons? :]
  25. I hope I can see $3k for everything. I know I have over $4k in.
  26. Are you selling it as parts or all together?
  27. All together; 2 Xeons, motherboard, and 24GB of RAM.
  28. Oh thats too baad :/ Id mb grab that xeons... duno :]
  29. The w5590's are on eBay. $1480 each
  30. helo..i have xfx 9600gt and want to make it sli...i planning to buy the other 1 xfx 9600 gt from my frend becoze he also have the same 1 to..the question is..there ar have different fizikal with the graphic card becoz my 9600gt is a 1 version of 9600gt but my frend have the 2 version 9600gt( i think ) ..the different is my 9600gt is fully coverd but my frend 9600gt is exposed( using zalman gpu air fan ) and the other different is my 9600gt bios system is 1 stem back from my frend 9600gt bios...but its still same chipset right?...so..is it match to sli my 9600gt to my frend 9600gt???....i have al ready trying to sli it...and everythin seems ok..but..when im trying to benchmark...the fps is 64 fps..then im trying to benchmark with singgle 9600gt and the benchmark is 80 fps( more faster than when im try to sli) why this is happen???
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