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I read in the most recent $1000 system build here that they changed the msi config file to allow greater OCing. I looked into the afterburner file and found what I think is the config file but when I change it it will not let me save the file. So my question is how do I get Afterburner to allow me to OC my 6950 further. I have just swapped out my reference 6950 with a twin frozer model and want to see how high it will go but Afterburner wont let me past 840 core and 1300 mem????
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    MSIAfterburner.cfg make sure you have a backup. In copy, make sure it is not read only and rename to .txt. Open in notepad and set "EnableUnofficialOverclocking=1". Save and rename to cfg. Lock to read only and replace file.
  2. Un suppress administrator log in as admin open msiafterburner.cfg with notepad and make the change log back in to your user and be careful it opens up all your clocks and voltage
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