AMD 770/780 Chipset with X-fire

I am from australia and the only motherboards that i can get my hands on are asus and gigabyte, just making that clear.
i have just put a thread up on homebuilt systmes
where it is recommended there that i drop the 790X chipset for something cheaper (i am on a budget) namly a 770 or 780 but i don't think that there are any 770 or 780 out there that support crossfire, or at least i can't find em!!! so i need help can you find me one. As i mentioned before asus and gigabyte are the only brands that i can lay my hands on so stick to them please. last note i am a gamer (on a serious budget :fou: )so the board i am looking for doesn't need firewire, esata or intergrated graphics and so on.
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  1. 770 and 780 dont support xFire. Only 790GX aand 790FX support those.

    I will list out the chipset and configuration for your convenience:
    1) 780 (x) :-> No xFire possible. One pciE x16 slot and onboard graphics
    2) 790GX :-> Two pciE slots, one running at x16 and both running at x8 each. Also, it has onboard gfx.
    3) 790FX:-> Two or maybe more pciE x16 slots (I am not sure about 'more' but definitely has 2). Two slots run at x16 each.

    For more details, please visit this site:

    Also, I must say that 780 series has been buggy as long as you use ONBOARD gfx card. There are many issues regarding this on many forums. Google them. Even I bought a new ASUS mobo having a 780 chipset for my brother and it would not display anything. So, I sent it back and had it replaced with a mobo having 790GX chipset which is working like a charm.
  2. 790fx can have up to 4 x pci-e 2.0 x8 slots
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