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Right now I have a 22' TFT monitor, and a 19' CRT lying around. I thought I could hook them up as a dual screen setup, but the results were not really good..

I have an nvidia 9600GT graphics card, and tried to set things up trough it's nview app. Is it really impossible to set the two screens to different resolutions/refresh rates?
My TFT goes on 1680x1050, and the CRT 1280x960 (refresh rates are 60mhz and 100mhz).
Whenever I tried to set things up, I could only set one resolution and refresh rate... (settings for the other monitor were disabled)
Is this a software (nview's) issue or this is natural?
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  1. It isn't necessary to post the same topic 3 times. This will make people more unwilling to help with this attitude. It should be fairly straight forward to set the 2 monitors up.
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