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Hi everyone just want to share my findings on this with everyone here. I had a problem with My copy of Windows XP Pro. This problem i have had now on at least two occasions and one which is very frustrating when it happens.
Now the time before when this problem happened i reformatted the hard drive and loaded a fresh copy of windows onto the PC. Now what was happening before the computer went into this constant cycle of reboot was that at any given time the PC would shut off, yes if you were in the middle of something it would just shut completely off and restart giving the Your Computer has just recovered from a serious error. Then the computer would not shut off again after that with no problems being experienced. If the PC was left in Hibernation no problems at all or even stand by mode. But if you started from fresh the computer might last an hour or so but then when you least expect just close down. Then would run fine there after as soons as it restarted itself.
The problem back then was nothing to do with booting side like boot ini file or anything like that, neither was it Ram. Power, or CPU. I took out the CPU and reset back on with new thermal paste but if this problem does happen again which it definitely will i will change the CPU as i do have a spare. Its only an old pentium 4 but the PC is ideal for the net and that is what it is used for.
Now the problem with this shutting down is that the computer will run ok then on so you think? but something is being damaged after each restart so finally then when it does reststart it goes into this cycle of booting, no matter even if you boot safe mode or last known configuraration nothing works it just continues in the cycle of boot.
Now like i said i puit a fresh copy of windows on thinking there maybe a virus somewhere on the Harddrive causing this problem. Now everything was going ok as soon as i had completed the disc install of Windows XP Pro the pc was running for about half hour then shut down same as before. Now the last time before i installed Windows i noted the following on the Blue Screen after stopping cycle boot pressing F8 on boot up.

stop: c0000218 (REGISTRY FILE FAILURE)
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
\SystemRoot\System32\Config\Software or its log or alternate.
It is corrupt, absent, or not writeable.
Beginning dump of physical memory
physical memory dump complete.
Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.

I tried to find something all over the net and just kept getting the same stuff back like it could be your hard drive or your ram? Well it was not either of these things the Hard drive yes for a minute i will leave that one here.

Now it was around 4 months ago i had the cycle boot problem and loaded fresh copy of windows onto my system. You still had the shutting off when ever the computer was started from scratch. Now its just happened again the same old thing and the same cycle booting. However this time i did find something just by googling the stop error code i found this link Now ok i decided to follow this link exactly so put the XP disc in and go to the recovery console and from there i typed in all the files that were shown in this link. after which i was able to restart XP with no problems and did not have to load a fresh copy of windows. However all my drivers were gone but were still in the file i had placed them before. all my personal documents and pictures had been shifted to another location safely so i got all those files back with no probs.
Anyway happy as Larry i was on me way again with what felt like a fresh O/S.. The next day being today i had restart from scratch and guess what?? It switched off and restarted. However mind you i will say this, That all the time this was running from scratch last night it never shut down at all? But this morning i did put one of the Ram sticks back in, now whether this had anything to do with it i do not know?? But the ramstick was working ok in another PC so cannot be this. It also cannot be a virus because with a full format as i did before any traces would have been removed. I just might run a malware scan again? Any thoughts on my problem and just maybe what i have done may help someone else.. sorry for the long post but was important i share this info with you all. Thankyou!
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  1. You might in fact have a deep-level rootkit. In laymens terms, a rootkit is a virus that hides deep deep inside your computer and depending on how serious it is, it may be impossible to get rid of. Some rootkits even lay dormant in your motherboard, making it essentially impossible to fix. The issue with a rootkit is that even if you fix the damage to your OS, the virus will simply execute again when you reboot.

    It sounds like you have a very old computer (hell Windows XP just turned 10). I'd just recommend buying a new, inexpensive computer from a reputable manufacturer like ASUS, Sony, Toshiba or Samsung. If all you're doing on this computer is browsing the web you could get away with only spending a few hundred dollars. It'd save you time and stress. I'd seriously consider it.
  2. Quote:
    But the ramstick was working ok in another PC so cannot be this

    You're playing with RAM boards. Just because it goes in the socket doesn't mean it fits.

    RAM has speed requirements both high and low. If you put slow RAM in, then eventfully it gets accessed and can't deliver as fast as addressing is asking for data. If you put in faster RAM than the system can handle, the RAM may not get refreshed at the minimum interval and data is no longer valid and you crash. Temperature has an effect on all this so if the RAM worked cold, but failed when it heated up, the speed error problem can hide for a short while.

    It all might have worked fine in another computer... that was setup correctly for that memory.

    Check your RAM speed specifications, timing in the BIOS, latency, BIOS settings for all this are important even if the "speed" is correct. If your memory is designed to have a 7T setting and you force 2T down it's throat, it's going to burp sooner or later.
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