Rendering, Photoshop, OS - Space required?

I run windows 7 on my i7 920. Just put in another 6gb of ram to help photoshop (CS5) and Architectural Rendering in Revit, and recently a little in 3dsmax.

I've started looking into SSD's because the increased write speeds should help with rending (correct?) as well as taking the strain of the OS off a slow HDD.

First: Is this logic correct, or will I not really notice any difference?

Second: Is 60gb sufficient for the OS and these two programs? Given the fact that these rendering files could get quite large.
The reason I ask is because this is a pretty good deal expecially with the SandForce controller.
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  1. Here's the one ya want .....$199 for twice the capacity

    OS, PhotoShop, Revit as well as page file, temp files and any "scratch disk" on the SSD.
  2. want is the key word there... could I get by on a 60 gb for the time being (on a limited budget)
  3. I have Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, Bridge, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver CS4, as well as MS Office 2007, Sony Vegas Pro 9, DVD Architect and AutoCAD 2011, as well as a bunch of other video tools and film scanning software along with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on a 120G OCZ Vertex 2. Even though all those programs take only about 43G, I wanted a little bit of "overhead" and some room to move.
    I have always had my progams on the boot drive and my scratch discs and project folders on another "work" drive; a 1TB 7200rpm Western Digital Caviar Black. Since switching my boot/programs drive from a 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda to the Vertex 2, there has been a noticeable speed increase when working with the Adobe software. The programs open quicker for sure and going from task to task within the program are quicker as well. I think an SSD as an OS and program drive coupled with a fast mechanical drive(because writing to SSD's is a weak point) is the way to go.
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