How Do I Need To SetUp My Bios With Sata and Ide Drives?

My motherboard burned up and found another one just like it.
ECS P4M900T-M, which made my life easier reconstructing my computer
but I have doubts about the bios set up.
The system is working as it was but it’s not very stable.
Could it be that I did not set the drives and bios correctly?
Can anybody help me here?
I have a SATA C: drive and a SATA CD/DVD CDROM
Also have an IDE data drive d:
My bios reads:
Primary IDE Master = not detected
Primary IDE Slave = Hard disk
Secondary IDE Master = Not Detected
Secondary IDE Slave = Not Detected
SATA 1 = atapi cdrom
SATA 2 = Hard Disk
IDE Bus Master = Enable
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  1. It appears the ide data hard drive is jumpered as a secondary device. This can be corrected by moving the jumper based on the diagram usually listed on the label or sometimes moving it's position on the cable if you have a non standard cable.
    This really shouldn't have anything to do with system stability though.
    If all the bios settings are correct and it's up to date I would have to ask you to define (found) another one just like it. How's your power supply by the way, can your measure it at the 24 pin connector for 3.3v, 5.0v and 12.0v outputs. Something must have burned up the other board.
  2. Thanks for your time. The problems I have is first "bad crc" everytime I try to download anything which in itself is a monumental drag so I follow someones advise and got Registry Patrol and after a few days now the computer seems not to boot or at least can't see the booting on the screen (I need to find myself a vga monitor to see if it is related with my nvidia 8400GS latest driver which I just loaded thru driver genius which seems to be able to download something for me. But Registry Patrol did not help with the "bad crc". So as it is I can't upgrade anything! ffffff am I gonna have to start all over with this computer? sometimes it boots ok..other it doesn't (?) :pfff:
  3. Sorry seems I've forgotton more than I know anymore. Good new is if it's just software errors you can get around that eventually.
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