Need a USB Enclosurer for 2.5 1TB SATA drive?

Bought a used 2.5 SATA 1TB hard drive. It came out of a Seagate Goflex USB portable HD.

I want to buy a USB enclosure for that. The drive is a bit thicker than your normal 2.5 drives. So most on ebay a will not fit and are made for drive 500GB or less. Tried contacting Seagate, no luck. Can someone recommend an enclosure that will fit this drive?

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  1. Note: Need one that can power the drive through the USB.
  2. Newegg has about 75 listed but in a quick search I didn't find any that specifically said they would work with 12mm drives. You can search all of their listings, maybe call them and ask. If you have a frys or microcenter nearby you could go to look at them in person.

    I would think if you searched ebay carefully you could find one that would fit, but it might take a lot of searching. I know that some manufacturers do make them for their own products that have higher capacity drives in them.
  3. Yeah I looked all over ebay. Most, if not all say max 500GB. And looking at the picture the enclosures are too small. I think the best solution would be to take it to the local Microcenter.
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