Will a Hyper 212 plus fit in this set up?

I'm thinking of trying to overclock and buy and new heatsink for the first time. I just want to know foremost if the hyper 212 plus will fit in my case before I buy it. I have an Antec 900 case with an Asus P5N-e Sli Mobo and I also have a side panel fan.
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  1. You might have to take off the side fan.
    If you do, just move that fan inside and use the optional fan mount.
    I have a 902 with a 160mm tall cooler and use that set-up.
    Works great.
    I'm thinking the 212+ 158.5mm might fit with the side fan intact though.
    Hint you'll get better temps and less dust with the side fan moved inside.
  2. You can try to fit the cooler with the side fan, I think that exist a possibility that works. If that doesn't work, follow the Davcon advice and move the side fan to another location.
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