Reliable Flash Drives Despite Bad USB ports, static, etc..

Hello community.

Recently my 2.5 4gb yo Sandisk Cruiser Micro lost its data, and in the process several dozen of my passwords and apps. This occurred when the USB port I plugged into had power illuminating/powering the drive, I had to wiggle it before it worked. Afterwords, it reported needing to be formatted by Windows XP pro.

This is the second time its happened on two different machines. As computers age, this will only become more common.

Thus I am wondering: are certain USB drives more reliable against problems like erratic USB ports? Do they make drives with power safety mechanisms against shorts or static?

I really don't need water or physical shock resistance - my drive will likely never see this type of abuse.

Thank you much...
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  1. And the answer is: Do backups of important data!

    What I actually mean is: I can't answer the question that you asked, but if you do backups of important data you will not be seriously harmed by the loss of a particular piece of media. Piece of medium?
  2. Thank you for your reply, however I did perform a backup. It is also not relevant to the question, so I will re-iterate:

    Do any USB flash drive manufacturers add an internal circuit safety for the event of a poor USB port?

    Thank you.
  3. Actually, flash memory drives will survive being washed and run over by a car much better than they will from a static shock. No drives offer electrical damage protection, but if you repair the drive, your data is probably safe on the chips.
  4. Thank you for your reply.

    It's not really static protection I'm looking for, as that would be really difficult. Protecting from a few hundred thousand volts with almost no current...

    But rather protection from an under or over voltage situation when plugged into a bad USB port.

    I would be surprised to learn that none of these expensive, ultra weather proof 'lifetime warranty drives haven't included some kind of simple circuit reset?

    Every time it happens I lose the data. And it's quite common as most computers in use are older, and older solder joints don't hold up.

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