Any upcoming perfect price points for Nvidia?

Hello all,

My computer just died(the motherboard) and rather than replace the motherboard with another overpriced OC'ing chipset (775) that will be useless in a few months I decided to just upgrade my whole computer so it will last a pretty long time. I'm down to graphics cards and it doesn't look like there is a perfect price point on the market right now.

About a year and a half ago when I got my 8800GT 512 for 170ish and it was getting better benchmarks than the older version of the 8800 GTX(at 100 less or something like that). I was just wondering if there was going to be anything like that coming up in the near future. I have only seen prospects about the GTX275 which seems a bit pricey to be worth it.

Right now I guess I'm looking at a GTX260(216) if I have to buy right now for whatever reason.

I think I should get more than 512 ram since my monitor is bigger now(1900x1080native) and my motherboard is SLI so an Nvidia is the way to go.

I would appreciate any tips you might have. going to continue my perusal of the internet to see if I can find anything more for myself but if anything pops into your heads please drop me a reply.


just in case:
Intel Core i7
EVGA 8800GT 512
6gb(3x2gb) DDR3 1600 CL8
3 SLI GPU slots available
ANTEc 750 watt PSU
Acer 24"W 1900x1080
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  1. Your parts look reasonable.

    I think a GTX260-216 is about the minimum that would be appropriate for your i7.
    Perhaps the GTX275 or 4890 might be better. At 1920x1200 you will want a fairly strong card.

    There is no winning the vga price performance game. ati is supposed to have something between the 4870X2 and the GTX295 in the next couple of months at a good price point. If that happens, you can be certain that Nvidia will want to respond. Usually, new parts show up in time for Christmas.

    I suggest that you get what suits you now, and sell it if the next best thing that you want arrives. To add a bit of insurance, consider a vendor like EVGA that offer a 90 day full trade-in program.
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