Asus P8P67 WS Revolution and Thermaltake Frio

Hi guys, I just bought a Asus P8P67 WS Revolution motherboard and a 2500K i5 Intel CPU. I plan on overclock it to about 4.5Ghz and i'm looking for some Heatsinks, I've spotted the Thermaltake Frio, but that guy is a beast, I was wondering if it would fit on my board. Or If you know some Heatsinks wich would be more appropriate for what i'm doing, feel free to tell !

Thnks alot
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  1. The FRIO is a very good cooler with one con it's loud.
    If that isn't a concern and it fits in your case (165mm tall) go for it.
    Similar coolers that will cool a 2500K easily.
    Anyone of the coolers i linked would be fine.
    Ram compatability is a whole other matter = depends on height and dimms filled.
    I wouldn't rule out a 212+.
  2. I second Davcon. I've been using the frio and I swear if it wasn't for the loudness its one hell of a cooler. I tend to run it at mid setting its a bit easier on the ears but still audible. I believe 1155 and 1156 are compatible when it comes to coolers, so you should have no problem with fitting it on the board. As Davcon mentioned you should see whether its going to be compatible with the case. As for clearance for ram, if you have ram with high heat spreaders then you really might not be able to fit it. I have rams without heat spreaders and there really isn't much room to work with (i put mine in the slot closest to the cpu, if you place it on the outer two you'll probably have no problem fitting rams with heat spreaders), that is if you use the push pull config. If you only use a single fan then theres no prob but then again its such a waste.

    Its a fantastic cooler if you don't mind noise. I for one am looking for a different cooler to lessen noise and hopefully increase overall cooling. But it does look good against a black walled interior.
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